WorldNetCast  | TVNET INC – COVID Global Network, is an internet television destination and worldwide information resource for clinically confirmed medically validated data, informed guidance, and information targeting corinavirus therapeutic intervention and prevention.

COVID19TV is comprised of video segments, programs and professional medical guidance consistent with best practices consensus views of both US Federal government health agencies (FDA,CDC,AMA,NIH) as well as State and Municipal government public health organizations, private healthcare centers, and academic institutions including JohnsHopkins University statistical tracking of COVID cases globally in parallel with published information from recognized world health groups and the World Health Organization.(WHO).

COVID19TV‘s objective and intended scope of content is to be inclusive of published therapeutic and prevention recommendations coupled with pragmatic insights,  evolving vaccine developments and clinical updates provided by combined public and private sector medical and health organizations worldwide within a non partisan online broadcast platform.

As the global pandemic continues its daily presence with enlarging human impact there is a compelling need for citizens worldwide to feel informed and trust in the vast stream of pandemic data, direction and advice emerging from a multiplicity of sources.

COVID19TV‘s objective from inception is to be that broadcast venue.


TVNET has since 2018 evolved its diverse WRLD1 platform – currently at 155 networks on air – in parallel with the enlarging capabilities of its APTVE technology solution. is powered by APTVE: Application Programmed Television Engine-a TVNET mobile netcast architecture enabling AI empowered geocentric networks across the 8 regions of the world.