Epidemiologists Debunk 14 New Myths About COVID-19

COVID-19 and misinformation that surrounds the disease are still spreading. We bring back Syra Madad (@syramadad) and Stephen Morse to debunk 14 new coronavirus myths. They talk about the effectiveness of masks and what it’ll take to reopen schools and keep them open. They also debunk the idea that holding your breath when someone sneezes or coughs keeps you safe. Here’s why that and many other things you might be hearing about the coronavirus aren’t true.

0:36 Myth 1: Wearing a mask doesn’t do anything
1:15 Myth 2: Wearing a mask is dangerous because you’ll get CO2 poisoning
1:54 Myth 3: All schools should reopen because kids can’t get COVID-19
2:46 Myth 4: Asymptomatic people aren’t contagious
3:28 Myth 5: Young, healthy people won’t die from COVID-19
4:04 Myth 6: You can’t get COVID-19 twice
4:41 Myth 7: You won’t get the virus if you hold your breath when someone sneezes or coughs
5:16 Myth 8: Consuming disinfectants will kill the virus
5:40 Myth 9: Cleaning your fruits and vegetables with bleach is effective
6:11 Myth 10: Warm weather will stop the coronavirus
6:43 Myth 11: 99% of cases aren’t dangerous
7:28 Myth 12: The United States has one of the lowest mortality rates
8:11 Myth 13: 5G technology is spreading COVID-19
8:39 Myth 14: The media is blowing the pandemic out of proportion

Epidemiologists Debunk 13 Coronavirus Myths

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Epidemiologists Debunk 14 New Myths About COVID-19

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